Learn to Play the Guitar Online: Jam Play Review

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So, You Want to Learn How to Play the Guitar Online?

You’ve got your axe? Check.

Amp is turned up to 11? Check.

You’re ready to shred? Check.

Alright, well now pack your bags and get ready to move to Hollywood.

Today, I’m going to show you how to get your guitar chops from a website called Jam Play.

What is Jam Play? You ask.

Jam Play offers online guitar and bass guitar lessons.

It’s a rad website for newbie guitarist or advanced guitarist looking to master the craft.

What’s really cool?

The lessons are taught by real fire breathing guitar/bass pros. No, seriously you’ll get to learn from their roster of 85 world-class teachers. Names, that include Bumblefoot (Guns N’ Roses), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Dave “David J” (Steve Vai), Glen Drover (Megadeth, Testament, King), Mike Keneally (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani), Shane Gibson (Korn),¬†Flattus Maximus (GWAR), and more.

Check out Jam Play’s entire list of teachers here.

You’ll be learning guitar from some of the best around. Why waste your money on some random guitar instructor? Who’s (probably) never been on stage in a red leather jumpsuit while playing a double neck guitar. Like, Lita Ford:

Yes, she’s one of the available teachers.

Jett’s honest Jam Play review

It’s not just the guitar lessons that you receive that makes Jam Play an awesome choice.

You’re getting instructions from famous musicians who have toured the world, defined their own sound, and spent a life time playing guitar. Which makes the learning experience and enjoyable one.

Learning the guitar and mastering the guitar takes time and a lot of practice.

It’s an enjoyable experience to learn from some of the best guitarist around.

It keeps the learning experience entertaining.

Whether you’re trying to master the guitar, you want to play cover songs around town,

Maybe you’re trying to impress chicks (or dudes) with your sick riffs. Impress your friends when they come over. Jam with buddies. Playing the guitar is a fun skill to develop.


The best way to learn something is


When work doesn’t feel like work.

When learning is fun and entertaing, it doesn’t feel like learning.




Makes the learning to play more fun. You’ll learn how they play their

They teach you how to play their songs.


Now go and sign up for Jam Play now.



You’ll be taking limousine rides and flying on jet airplanes in no time.

Maybe one day you’ll up there with some of the greats. Even playing the guitar with your teeth.

I hope this article was all that you’ve dreamed of.

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