How To Get Your Music Exposed On YouTube

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This article is going to be quick and to the the point, since it’s pretty easy to do (but effective). I’m going to show you how you can potentially get a ton of exposure for your music on YouTube. By working with YouTube Influencers and other popular YouTube channels.

Here’s What To Do

  1. Find YouTube channels and YouTube Influencers that your music would be a good fit for. For example, if you’re in a Metal band then VeganBlackMetalChef might be a good option. Get a list of these channels together. Just make sure you’re finding channels that get a decent amount of views.
  2. Simply get in contact with these channels/influencers and offer your music to them for free (yes, free). Then ask if they would be interested in using your music in one of their videos. In exchange, make sure they credit your band/artist name and song name somewhere in the actual video. Also, make sure they provide a direct link to your music somewhere in the video description.

This is very powerful approach and could get your music heard by many thousands of people or more. Watch the video below for a real world example.

The YouTube influencer is Gary Vaynerchuk and the first song in the video is “Go Fuck Yourself” by Two Feet. As I write this article, the video above has been viewed 82,649 times. That means, Two Feet have had their song heard by 82,649 people, by leveraging Gary’s audience.

Why This Approach Works

The reason this approach can work so well, is because YouTube channels and influencers can’t use unlicensed music. They can’t just go and grab a Beatles or Rolling Stones song and put it in their video. YouTube will take it down. So, this is especially crucial for popular channels. They’re not going to risk getting their channel shut down over unlicensed music. This is where you shine as an independent, developing artist/musician. The channel gets to use your music and you get a ton of free exposure. It’s a win, win.

What You Get: Exposure

Now, I know a lot of bands don’t like the idea of giving away their music for free. However, you’re not actually giving your it away for ‘free’. You’re exchanging the use of it (the license) for exposure. The problem is, a lot of bands don’t know how to leverage that exposure. So, it feels like you’re giving it away for free. [I’m going to write a future article about how to leverage exposure. Link will be here.] Just keep in mind, as a growing/developing band the more exposure you get, the more opportunities should unfold. You never know who’s listening.

On flip side, some of the the larger YouTube channels might actually ask you to pay them to use your music. A lot of YouTubers get paid to promote affiliates or use product placement. They might consider using your music, but only if you’re willing to pay an ‘advertisement’ fee. So, if you’re on a budget, I recommend finding smaller to mid-level channels that are willing to trade with you.

How To Do Your Outreach

You don’t have to think too hard about this. Just be genuine and target channels that would fit well with your music. Usually you can find an e-mail or website in the YouTube ‘About’ section. Either get a hold of their e-mail address or dig up a social media account and DM them. Then, when you do message them just explain what you’re offering. This isn’t a huge business proposal, just try humanize with what you’re saying. It could be a simple message like this:

“Hey, I’m a huge fan of your channel. If you ever need any music in one of your videos, I would be happy to let you use one of my songs. I think my music would make a great fit for your channel. If you’re interested, please let me know. I would also help promote the video to my audience.”

Then, of course include links to your music. Just make sure to explain that you will help promote the video as well. The YouTuber wants lots of views on their videso, so the more promotion, the better. And, the more likely they’ll be willing to work with you.


There’s a very specific reason I chose Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s one of the best social media gurus around. Go follow his pages. A lot of my future posts will be geared toward promoting your music through social media and internet marketing. My suggestion is get very good and at internet marketing and apply it to your music.

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I hope this article was all that you’ve dreamed of.

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